Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134
Evening Dress Ema Bride V-134
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Evening Dress Ema Bride V-134

  • Tea-Lengts (Mini)
  • Gray, pink
  • No
  • Short
  • 28 days
  • Size table
Price: $379.99
Price: $379.99

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  • Vera 27.02.2023, 17:58
    Thank you, Iryna.
    I'm really interested. Do you have any pictures of the pink one?
    • Iryna 28.02.2023, 11:39
      Vera , it's another picture in product card. It's very light pink, almost ivory
  • Vera 25.02.2023, 08:23
    Hello, which colour grey or pink corresponds to the first picture with the nude skirt?
    Do you deliver to Bulgaria?
    • Iryna 27.02.2023, 09:19
      Vera , Hello!

      It's grey. Yes we do ship to Bulgaria!
  • Raquel 15.06.2022, 13:55
    Me gustaría si me podían mandar unas fotos de los dos tonos del traje, el primero parece violeta y la segunda opción parece un blanco/marfil.
    En mi caso lo voy a pedir a medida pero no tengo claro las medidas que pedis:

    Longitud del producto y Longitud del corse.

    Mis medidas son: Pecho: 94, Cintura: 80 y Cadera: 102-103.

    Desde que se hace la compra cuando tiempo tarda en llegar a España?


  • Lesy 08.02.2021, 19:56
    I would like to ask about the bottom part of the dress: it's written gray, but on the photos is not really gray, is like a little bit violet (or maybe the sunshine is making this) do you have a real picture of the dress? Is very important for me. So as for the top part? Is it gray?
    • Andrey 09.02.2021, 06:19
      Hello, Lesy! Write to us, I will send to you pictures

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